General Health

The overall well-being of any person depends on several factors but majorly on the nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyle habits. Most nutrition recommends eating healthy and drinking plenty of water. Including these exercise and meditation plays a vital role in the fitness of both mind and body. At Evans Road Medical centre, your overall well-being is achieved by providing the Nutrition Fact sheet, Body Mass Index- BMI, customized diet Plans and Regular physical activities. Our talented and experienced General Practitioners help in building factors that contribute to the overall wellbeing of an individual. If required we also refer to our expert dieticians and exercise physiologists. Some people are more prone to get allergies than others, thus it is necessary to know the things you should avoid in diet and nutrition. Moreover there are some conditions that keep travelling from one generation to other. To avoid any such symptoms, it is important to regularly see a general practitioner. GP’s at Evans Road Medical Centre will help you by-

  • Diagnosing your body for any sort of allergies whether it is from food or from animal dander
  • Providing you with dietary supplements and injections, if required
  • Developing a specific diet chart that meets your bodily needs
  • Recommending the best exercises and yoga to ensure physical fitness
  • Preventing diseases with vaccinations and medications
  • Strengthening immune system by preventing infections and travel diseases

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