Occupational Health

Occupational fitness refers to the identification and control of the risks arising from physical, chemical, mechanical and different administrative center dangers which will create hindrance at healthy working environment due to their hazardous nature. These dangers might also encompass chemical sellers and solvents, heavy metals inclusive of lead and mercury, physical retailers which include loud noise or vibration, and physical risks together with energy or dangerous equipment.

  • Work Cover- Management of long-term work-related injuries, working with the employee and the employer on current and future health capacity, education and counselling.
  • Pre-employment Medical- Pre-placement medical examinations, Spirometry, Drug and alcohol screening are performed to check the fitness level required for the position.
  • Workplace Injuries- Workplace injury assessments, Suturing and removal of foreign bodies, Minor surgery, ADT vaccinations or any other risk and negligence that resulted into any injury gets treated at our clinic.
  • Workplace Health Checks: e.g.: Assessment of workplace conditions and health risks, On-site staff health checks, Workforce immunizations.

We, at our center ensure that all workers function at a premier level of well-being at a worksite as pondered in terms of productivity, work attendance, incapacity repayment claims, and employment durability.

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