At The Podiatry Group we provide a full range of the latest, evidence based Podiatry services. Our team offer individualised treatment plans to patients of all ages for any condition within the foot, ankle and lower leg. The Podiatry Group was created with one person in mind – YOU. Our professional team is dedicated to keep you comfortable, healthy and on your feet.


Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic condition in Australia. At The Podiatry Group we conduct a detailed diabetes assessment using a specialised Doppler Ultrasound, with this machine we are able to monitor and assess the blood flow to your lower limbs and feet. We also test the sensation in your feet as this can be altered with diabetes.

Children’s Podiatry

At The Podiatry Group we have a special interest in children’s health. We understand the importance of ensuring correct foot development from an early age. Our Podiatrists have undertaken specialised study in Children's Podiatry and are happy to see children of all ages with any foot or walking concerns.

Sports Podiatry

At The Podiatry Group we have a genuine interest in ensuring good foot health. We deal with a range of sports podiatry conditions including shin splints, Achilles tendinopathy, heel pain, forefoot pain, knee pain, ankle sprains and much more. Depending on your condition we can implement an individualised management plan to help you get back on your feet.


The Podiatry Group complete a thorough biomechanical examination and footwear assessment for any lower limb complaint. When orthotics are indicated we take a computerised scan of the feet which then enables us to create a customised foot orthotic made just for you.

Nail and Skin Care

We can provide regular nail care to those finding it difficult to cut their own nails. We also treat callous, corns, tinea, fungal nails, ingrown toenails and more. At The Podiatry Group we offer onsite nail surgery for painful ingrown toenails, thickened nails and fungal nails.

CAM Walkers/Moonboots

We stock a full range of CAM walkers and crutches for those acute injuries that require immediate treatment. Our podiatrists are also trained in lower limb leg casting so if you have a fracture, Achilles/plantar fascia tear, or stress fracture we can assist in providing both immediate and ongoing management.

Wart Treatment

The Podiatry Group is happy to announce that Swift Microwave Wart Therapy is now available by appointment. With proven results this technology is great for those stubborn warts that just won’t go away. There are various treatment options available so please make sure to talk with your podiatrist to find out which best suits you.

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