Travel Medicine

There is always a possibility of medical emergency just a day before you have to fly for your vacation. Our team ensures that you make the most of your trips. In case of any serious illness, our practitioners would do analysis of your previous health records; this would enable the doctors to prescribe you the right medicine and diet. In case you're going to foreign countries with medicine, ensure it's legitimate in the nations you're travelling to. In case the medicine isn’t allowed we provide you with the letter from our specialized doctors to hold the medical grounds for which you are asked to carry the medicine with you. Indeed, you need to pack few general medicines in your suitcase at all costs.

We offer consultations targeting diet plans and nutritional supplements to guide you better. Your well-being is certainly in your hands, but you do need to discuss the risks you are prone before you move to a different part of the world. Evans Road Medical Centre gives you the best travel advice and all about the travelling medications.

We’re right where you need us.